1. Entry Vestibule

  2. A1: Camera Apparatus

  3. The Courtroom

  4. A1: Room Exterior
  5. A2: Room Interior
  6. A3: Room Overhead View

  7. Live Room One

  8. A1: Hallway with Chairs
  9. A2: Brigitte Bardot on Glass
  10. A3: Brigitte Bardot Detail
  11. A4: Screens with Chairs
  12. A5: Saint John the Baptist
  13. A6: Hallway with Screening Room
  14. A7: Overhead View Live Room One
  15. A8: Computer Controlled Dolly Camera
  16. A9: UBC Colonnade with Bust
  17. B1: Brigitte Bardot on Wall
  18. B2: Podium with Mirror
  19. B3: Mirror Close-up
  20. B4: Wide View Live Room One
  21. B5: Four Video Monitors
  22. B6: Three Chairs
  23. B7: Wide View Live Room One
  24. B8: Wide View Live Room One
  25. B9: Morale Boosters
  26. C1: Before Before
  27. C2: Volkskrant magazine
  28. C3: Overhead View Live Room One
  29. C4: Hat and Stone
  30. C5: Skull with Benches and ICTY Ticket
  31. C6: Crown Royal Bottle
  32. C7: The Graphic on Three Legged Plinth
  33. C8: The Close of the Belt Trial
  34. C9: The Graphic, Jan. 6, 1883
  35. D1: UBC Colonnade
  36. D2: Wall with Photos
  37. D3: Winnipeg Backyard with Bird
  38. D4: And
  39. D5: Eight
  40. D6: Monitors
  41. D7: Vistor on Monitor
  42. D8: Emerging Shit
  43. D9: Screens with Referents

  44. Live Room Two

  45. A1: Wide View Live Room Two
  46. A2: The New American Poetry
  47. A3: The New American Poetry in Situ
  48. A4: Jack Spicer, Letter to Lorca
  49. B1: Rope and Wedge
  50. B2: Recollections of the Court Room (1859)
  51. B3: Two Rooms
  52. B4: Computer-controlled Dolly Camera
  53. C1: Forest
  54. C2: Shelf with Objects
  55. C3: Overhead View Live Room Two
  56. C4: Bust with Caliper
  57. D1: Four Video Monitors
  58. D2: Khan with Label Maker and Flags
  59. D3: Shelf with Objects
  60. D4: Stills from Rashomon
  61. E1: Empty Judge’s Robe and Passage
  62. E2: Passage Behind the Courtroom
  63. E3: Man with Leather Pants
  64. E4: Empty Judge’s Robe

  65. Evidence Room

  66. A1: Overhead View Evidence Room
  67. A2: Evidence List on Clipboard
  68. A3: Wide View Evidence Room
  69. A4: False Door with Wheelbarrow
  70. A5: Wheelbarrow with Sewing Machine
  71. B1: Cushman Van
  72. B2: Book Shelf with Objects in Situ
  73. B3: Bust with Bones
  74. B4: Photocopied Documents
  75. B5: Photocopied Documents
  76. C1: Book Shelf with Objects
  77. C2: Book Shelf with Objects
  78. C3: Ramachandran Mirror Box
  79. C4: Wide View Evidence Room
  80. C5: Wide View Evidence Room
  81. D1: Leatherman and Various Models on Shelf
  82. D2: Crow with Spool of Thread
  83. D3: Wide View Evidence Room
  84. D4: Blankets
  85. D5: Judge’s Robe
  86. E1: Wide View Evidence Room
  87. E2: Drum in Corner
  88. E3: Paint Chips on Wall
  89. E4: Photos on Wall
  90. E5: Rope and Plastic Tub
  91. F1: King Arthur’s Court Motel Postcard
  92. F2: Cassette Tapes
  93. F3: Corner with Objects Including Hero Jam
  94. F4: Skull of John the Baptist
  95. F5: Tub with Brown Vinyl

  96. Video & Production Stills

  97. A1: Empty Judge’s Robe
  98. A2: Courtroom Wide View
  99. A3: Video Camera with Subjects
  100. B1: Appeals Court Judge
  101. B2: Prosecution 1 and Court Clerk
  102. B3: Judge One
  103. C1: Witness (Accused Former Soldier)
  104. C2: Chairs in Gym
  105. C3: Audio Recording from Behind the Set
  106. D1: Accused (Former Soldier)
  107. D2: Stacked Chairs in Gym
  108. D3: Courtroom Set
  109. E1: Judge Two
  110. E2: Apparatus in Situ
  111. E3: Prosecution 2 and Court Clerk
  112. F1: Hats on Bench
  113. F2: Guard
  114. F3: Fabric and Rope
  115. G1: Accused (Former President)
  116. G2: Camera Apparatus in Situ
  117. G3: Video Monitor